Family Law

On these pages I have set out some common themes that often crop up in Family Law Cases. They are intended as general guidance about the law and procedure that apply to cases that go to Court. If you have a specific question take a look at the "Ask a Question" page.

In effect Family Law cases can be broken down into five broad categories:

1. Cases involving arguments between people about what should happen to children.
2. Cases involving arguments between the state (Local Authorities) about what should happen to children.
3. Cases involving what should happen to assets when married people separate.
4. Cases involving what should happen to assets when non-married people separate.
5. Cases involving protection from a previous partner because there has been violence.

I should say that by 'married' I am including men and women who are married and same sex couples who are in a Civil Partnership or, if the law changes, are legally married. In general the law treats Civil Partners and separating Civil Partners in the same way that it treats married couples.

My area of expertise is with children and domestic violence (1, 2 and 5 above) but I intend to include on the website some helpful information about financial matters (3 and 4 above).

You can click on the sub-menus (the drop down boxes) above to look at specific areas.

All of the attachments that can be downloaded on this website have been converted into PDF format. Most computers can read this format. If you do not have a copy of a PDF reader on you computer you can download one here.

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